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India Deaf Expo

Leading deaf experts meet to discuss future education policy, latest tech ideas and promote deaf entrepreneurship. 

International Indian Deaf Film Festival

Movies and documentaries made for the deaf by the deaf in silence

India Deaf News

Access to inclusive media broadcasting with latest world news in Sign Language

Deaf Marathon

Run for inclusion to show that you care. Together we're better.

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Youth Conclave

Young leaders get trained from experts to lead the community for new world

Education for Impact

Education that really matters is taught to solve problems that matters.

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Awareness Program

Change begins from awareness and we begin the awareness

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Women Power

Women who lead are made not born, Every women strives to serve to make the world a beautiful place

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Futuristic World

Inclusive Technology can make deaf lives more accessible and sustainable 

Protect Earth

We can protect our only home with sustainable lifestyle products handmade by Deaf

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